Australia’s Largest Hot Pot Restaurant.

Case Study: Spice World Hot Pot

Opened in early 2017, Spice World continues to be the largest hotpot restaurant in Sydney (and, perhaps Australia), boasting a 1330 square-metre floor plan. As a result of its massive floor plan, and Chinese hot pot not being widely known or popular, our team at Get Social PR pulled together the best of our media bloggers and publishers to interview, dine and promote the experience of Chinese Hot Pot at Spice World. Our support and focus was to increase Spice World’s customer base to more local Australians who are unfamiliar with hot pot and looking for new dining experiences. in Sydney. Together with our committed social media team and eye catching content created by Get Social PR, we were able to effectively deliver Spice World’s story and educate customer’s about the history of hot pot, and therefore increasing dine in customers in Sydney.


  • Multiple feature publication including: Broadsheet, Timeout, SBS and more.
  • Experienced an increase in local customer bookings and visitations
  • Introduced multiple KOWLS and partnered them up with the Spice World brand for ongoing promotions over a period of 12 months and more.
  • Refined Spice World’s social media platforms to reflect the experience of Spice World Hot Pot brand, leading to increased online engagment and therefore an increase of young consumers at the venue.
  • Over 11,000 comments on a video created by Time Out Magazine for Spice World.
  • Spice World is also a continuing client of Get Social PR since January 2018.

“We have seen a dramatic increase of local customers through Get Social Pr media influence and strategy” 

Nick Li

Restaurant Owner & Manager, Spice World Hot Pot.