oh! matcha 

Oh! Matcha brings the natural and healthy traditional Japanese offering to a contemporary style café.

Case Study: Oh! Matcha

Oh! Matcha have had years of experience in the Australian restaurant and café industry where they have successfully been specialising in matcha food and beverages. In recent years, Oh Matcha have recently began using Facebook and Instagram as a way to elevate their brand image in a increasingly competitive market. With the opening of new dessert shops and precincts in Sydney. this has put Oh Matcha’s ahead of its competitors as a result of a strong, driven and engaged fan base that continue to be loyal patrons to Oh! Matcha as well as showing up to store events and product launches. In mid 2018, more than 300 customers turn up for the Sakura Soft Serve promotion which we successfully launched for Oh! Matcha via Facebook, Instagram and our close media relations.


  • Over 300 customers attended the product launch of Australia’s first Sakura Soft Serve
  • Increase in customer loyalty as a result of seasonal menu updates and social media promotion in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Created a short video with over 11,000  views in 3 days, promoting the Sakura Menu
  • Introduced monthly influencers to the Oh Matcha brand that translated to a increase of new customer bases and faces.
  • Continues to be one of the busiest shops in the center.

“Get Social PR has done an amazing job and we have continued to engage their team on a regular base and also with our other shops” 

Koji Aoki

Restaurant Owner, Oh! Matcha