Pappa’s Stew Chilli Cuisine

Big flavours and copious amounts of spice.

Case Study: Pappa’s Stew Chilli & Cuisine

The Newtown restaurant specialises in Hunan food. Originating in the central, mountainous and humid region of Hunan, it’s one of China’s spiciest cuisines. As Sydney locals are more familiar with Cantonese and Shanghainese styled foods, Hunan food was not recognised by local customers and hardly accepted by locals due to the heavy spice and lack of Hunaniese cuisine in Sydney. Together with our client, Vincent, we recognised that the story behind Pappa’s Stew Chilli & Cuisine needed local media publication coverage to help educate local customers about Hunan cuisines. We also developed a social media strategy to help set up their Instagram & Facebook accounts for them to better communicate and visualise their cuisines on local media platforms that would entice customers to visit the venue. 



  • Experienced an increase in local customer bookings and visitations after featured articles by media publications including: SBS, Broadsheet & Timeout Magazine. 
  •  Partnered the brand with KOLS which saw a further increase on of new customers between 3 – 6 months
  • Established Pappa’s Stew social media presence which allowed customers to see the exciting offerings the venue was bringing into Newtown. 
  • Maintained stable sales despite university student holidays, which the restaurant relies on heavily as their regular patronage.

“More and more customers are more familiar with our Cuisine thanks to the story we were able to share with the Sydney community through Ryan’s strategy ” 

Vincent Wei

Restaurant Owner & Manager, Pappa's Stew Chilli & Cuisine