Specialty coffee.  Serious food. Good vibes. 

Case Study: Qube On Bay

As competition in the cafe industry became increasingly competitive, standing out as a restaurant or cafe in Sydney’s hospitality space became more and more challenging. With the help of Get Social PR’s creative team we helped increase their brand awareness by refining their online presence with eye catching visuals. Additionally, we assisted in the creation of a new dessert – a black sesame french toast to engage Asian Australians and the Asian community taste preferences.  Complimenting this new dish, we also arranged media visits with our social media influencers who helped promote the Qube On Bay brand and new menu items to Sydney locals and emphasising the cafe as a weekday and weekend destination. Furthermore, we engaged the Australian Chinese community by arranging We Chat Influencers for media visits and sharing their experience on We Chat to attract Chinese consumers to the venue.


  • Streamlined Qube’s On Bay social media platforms to refine online brand image as a destination for customers who enjoy cafe style food.
  • Provided menu consultation and assisted with the development of a popular ingredient that saw new faces visiting the venue.
  • Partnered the Qube On Bay with Chinese KOL’s which saw an increase of Chinese consumers after their media visit
  • Increased the overall sales of the cafe over the period of 3 – 6 months and became popular destination for workers and university students nearby, despite the heavy competition in the area.

Cafe Owner & Manager, Qube On Bay