Regent Place shopping centre

 A place, where retail and cuisine converge to offer you the ultimate leisure experience.

Case Study: Regent Place Shopping Centre

As Instagram and Facebook popularised as a platform to reach new audiences, Get Social PR assisted Regent Place Shopping Centre in transforming the centre’s social media page into a community fans can follow and stay up to date with the latest news, product and shop launches in the centre.  With the support of  Regent Place, coordination with the centre’s tenants and our visual expertise for quality of content, this helped increase the online engagement with the centre as well as centre traffic. In addition, tenants in the centre also began utilising social media tools as a platform to engage, recruit and retain customers with the support of our social media programs we run in centre with shop owners. With the combine effort of Get Social PR, Regent Place Shopping Centre and its tenants, we created an ecosystem where tenants and the centre worked in collaboratively, utilising social media platforms to promote one another, thereby increasing centre traffic and introducing new customers to Regent Place Shopping Centre.


  • Increased quality of social media content posted on the centre’s Instagram pages therefore increasing customers interaction with the centre and tenants.
  • Launched shop openings with new tenants via Get Social Pr’s marketing plan followed by successful product activations leading to new customers visiting the centre.
  • Communicated and worked closely with over 30 tenants to organise centre marketing support including seasonal promotions, special events such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and more.
  • Introduced over 100 new influencers to the centre and strategically partnered them up with the centre tenants to provide tenants with ongoing marketing support between 2017 – 2019